Cancer superfoods

ALL Natural Supplements that seem to work for CANCER:

AICAR for many Cancers:

Aloe Arborescens:

Aloe Vera:

Amla /  Amalaki also as (Indian gooseberry):

Alpha Lipoic Acid:

Apricot kernels:
Apricot kernels for kidney stones:

Also, make sure you get the nutrients that are necessary in order for laetrile to work. If you are already taking a multivitamin, compare its ingredients with the below list and take extra supplements to make up any deficiency. source:

  • Zinc (which is the transport mechanism for laetrile)
  • Vitamin C (build up to 6 grams a day)
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Vitamins B-6, B-9, and B-12
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E (at least 2,000 I.U.)

Artemisinin: (Sweet Wormwood)
A specific dosage for maximum efficacy is yet to be established; however, as a general principle, 400 to 800 mg per day can be used for at least six to 12 months, with no apparent adverse effects   SOURCE:



Berberine for sarcomas:

Berberine affects osteosarcoma via downregulating the caspase-1/IL-1β signaling axis – PubMed
Osteosarcoma is one of the most devastating cancers with associated poor prognosis. Chronic bone inflammation frequently predisposes to tumorigenesis and progression of osteosarcoma. In the tumor inflammatory microenvironment, caspase-1 and its processed cytokines such as interleukin 1β (IL-1β) pl…
Berberine Supplement – Science-based Review on Benefits …
May 14, 2019 – Berberine is a alkaloid extracted from a variety of herbs. … of 500mg each, is equally effective as taking 1500mg of metformin or 4mg glibenclamide, two pharmaceuticals for treating type II diabetes. …… 14Cancer Metabolism …
Improving the bio-availability of Berberine:
metformin in studies.…/Berberine-as-a-cancer……

Bee Propolis:

Beta 1, 3D glucans:

Black seeds:,google&utm_medium=fpl,PLA&utm_term=KevalaOrganicBlackCuminSeeds16oz&utm_content=154700&utm_campaign=googlebase&site=google_base&scid=scplp154700&sc_intid=154700&gclid=CjwKEAiA6OnFBRDcgt7YmPKI33ESJACJoTJYc_8mxmxeqKR2Vv4wQbC6rpg5qphxk72j4PnkfbiflxoCcMXw_wcB

Boswellia & turmeric for Pain:
Also page 17 of dr. Budwig Ebook has many modalities here:

In the severe OA group, average pain reduction was 47.9% at 4 weeks and 64.5% at 8 weeks. In the first 4 weeks, 40% of subjects with severe OA reduced or eliminated their analgesic (ibuprofen) use. By week 8, 75% had quit using their NSAID medication (ibuprofen). Joint rigidity disappeared in one-half of the severe OA patients in the first 4 weeks. In the remaining one-half, joint rigidity decreased significantly, an average rigidity reduction of 50%. Mobility and flexibility were significantly improved in 50% of severe OA subjects at 4 weeks and in 62.5% at 8 weeks.

Based on the results of animal studies, the researchers hypothesized that boron’s anti-inflammatory effects result from inhibition of the oxidative burst by scavenging cells (leukocytes) and excessive activity by neutrophils (ie, white cells that scavenge debris) and invaders outside of the circulatory system. Boron also boosts free-radical scavenging by raising levels of a triumvirate of antioxidant enzymes in blood and cells: SOD, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase.   SOURCE:

 Breuss total cancer treatment and or carrot juice:

Cat’s Claw:

Cell stop:
Not a lot of studies due to it being new to the market. But has many components
used to fight cancer like the following Boswellia, milk thistle, quercetin, reishi, maitake,
& turkey tail mushrooms, beta-glucans, astragalus, BCM-95, green tea and many more
micronutrients rolled into one which should have a synergistic effect against cancer.

Chaga & other mushrooms:

CoQ10 or Ubiquinol:

Creatine Powers T cells to fight Cancer:

In adults, a growing number of published randomized controlled trials are available that support the safety of creatine supplementation. These studies have been conducted in both athletic and general populations and range from as short as a few days to as long as 5 years without any adverse changes in markers of clinical health (

Curcumin –see Turmeric/Curcumin below

High Dose Vitamin D3 for pancreatic cancer:

Dandelion root tea:
Please watch the power of synergy at 12-minute mark:

E Succinate for Cancer: (Vitamin)

EGCG (green tea & green tea extract)

Essiac Tea:
This was shared recently from an essiac FB group:
I just have to share my good news! I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
Nov\2016 I had 8 chemo treatments, that did nothing but bad things to me. The doctor wanted me to go on with chemo plus add radiation. I refused, I had at that point done some research and knew that there was a very slim chance that treatments would work on my cancer. Also, it was not operable due to the location. So I decided that quality was more important to me than quantity! I refused any more treatments and started researching natural things. I came across the essiac tea story and started it in mar\2016. My son started making carrot juice and beet juice a few days a week for me and started cutting meat almost completely out, started making better food choices and drinking alkaline water and using frankincense oil. I recently started B17 and a few others, but the tea, I’ve been doing the longest! I went for a scan and got my results Friday. Stable! No new growth! But the best part is the tumor is half the size it was 1 year ago! Praise the Lord, whom I know had a big hand in this, because many many prayers have been said for me! I am so thrilled! Instead of thinking of planning my funeral, I’m thinking of maybe, I’ll be around for Christmas again this year!
Proud to say I’m familiar with the owner!

Flax seeds:

flax seeds & Breast health:



Garlic & Lemon synergy:

Ginger root:

Glutathione  (GSH) Too much can cause progression:

Grape seed extract

Graviola  / Soursop / Guanabana / Paw Paw / Guyabano
For use against pancreatic & TNBC:


K2 and K3  with high dose C Page 34 & 35 in the PDF
K2 and K3


The Dirt Cheap Protocol For Cancer (DCP) – Alternative … – Cancer Tutor

Milk thistle:
Conclusions & further directions:

Metastasis is a multistep and multifunctional biological event and is considered the final and most-life threatening stage of cancer progression. The high morbidity and mortality related to cancer metastasis are due to the lack of effectiveness of current therapeutic regimes; alternatively, the use of nutraceutical agents has been suggested for the prevention and treatment of advanced cancers. Nutraceutical agent silibinin has shown remarkable anti-metastatic efficacy against many cancers in various pre-clinical models. The anti-metastatic efficacy of silibinin has been reported through pleiotropic mechanisms including the inhibition of EMT in cancer cells. However, more studies are still needed to further confirm the anti-EMT and anti-metastatic effect of silibinin in a wide variety of human cancer cells under in vivo conditions. Furthermore, silibinin should be tested in the metastatic models, which more closely represent human metastatic disease condition. In the future, there should also be greater emphasis on to understand the role of tumor microenvironment in metastasis initiation and progression as well as how silibinin affects these interactions. Overall, it is reasonable to anticipate that in the near future silibinin would be an important non-toxic nutraceutical agent in the management of metastatic cancers.  Sopurce:

Moringa Oleifera:


NAC  (N-acetylcysteine)
NAC has both chemopreventive and therapeutic potential in malignancies arising in the lung, skin, breast, liver, head, and neck (van Zandwijk 1995; Izzotti 1998). NAC is effective in inhibiting tumor cell growth in melanoma, prostate cells, and astrocytoma cell lines (the latter is a primary tumor in the brain) (Albini et al. 1995; Arora-Kuruganti et al. 1999; Chiao et al. 2000). Neovascularization (new blood vessel growth) is crucial for tumor mass expansion and metastasis. NAC inhibited invasion and metastasis of malignant cells by up to 80% by preventing angiogenesis (De Flora et al. 1996).

OLE (olive leaf extract)


Pancreatic enzymes:

Pine Cone Extract:

Poly MVA:
Quercetin here & at the bottom of the page:

The clinical trials presented in this review show that resveratrol’s therapeutic efficacy depends on several factors. Resveratrol was more effective in certain types of cancer than in others. For example, it seems to epigenetically reduce the expression of certain breast cancer-related genes, but caused severe adverse events specifically in multiple myeloma patients.   SOURCE:

Salicinium   HERBAL CHEMO with a high success rate!!–disrupting+anaerobic+glycolosis+and+improving+GcMAF…-a0506604000


Short video showing the importance of synergy:


Synergy for pancreatic cancer:   *******************************
Kay’s list of supplements is about 1/2 down the link below:



Turmeric / curcumin:
No photo description available.

Dr. Aggarwal’s schedule for curcumin:     Pancreatic ***                            Pancreatic ***

Quercetin For Many Cancers:…/10.1186/s12957-018-1400-z.…/pii/S0944711318305075…/s13048-019…

No photo description available.


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