Reversing type 2 diabetes naturally

Millions of people from all walks of life are being led to believe that their type 2 diabetes is from genetic factors. And that they will have to be on medication for the rest of their lives. But if you do the research you will find that scientists and nutritionists, along with well-researched doctors will tell you it is a disease that can be fairly easy to reverse. You must be willing to make some lifestyle changes that you CAN do.

By reducing insulin resistance you will be able to improve your overall health in many different ways! It will help prevent you from getting other diseases. And will cool the inflammation in your body. Improve your cardiac health. And actually, help prevent you from getting cancer.

OLE (olive leaf extract) for diabetes:

Olive leaf extract as a hypoglycemic agent in both human diabetic …


by J Wainstein – ‎2012 – ‎Cited by 135 – ‎Related articles

Olive leaf extract is associated with improved glucose homeostasis in humans. Animal models indicate that this may be facilitated through the reduction of starch digestion and absorption. Olive leaf extract may represent an effective adjunct therapy that normalizes glucose homeostasis in individuals with diabetes.

ACV for lowering glucose levels:
Ceylon cinnamon for insulin sensitivity:


This review article expressed the main aspects of metabolic syndrome and protective mechanisms of cinnamon and its active ingredients in reducing and ameliorating complications of metabolic syndrome. Features of metabolic syndrome including dyslipide-mia, hyperglycemia, hypertension and obesity are under the influence by cinnamon that be proven by in vivo and in vitro studies that be shown in this article. It has been concluded that cinnamon has potential therapeutic use in metabolic syndrome and can prevent morbidity and mortality due to cardiovascular diseases.

Berberine for lowering insulin levels:
For more info on berberine including those for shutting down cancer pathways:

Cancer superfoods

Insulin plant:
Now let’s look at Type 1:

Cucurbita Pumpkin Rejuvenates ßeta Cells, Restores Insulin Production


Gut Reaction: The Link Between Gut Bacteria and Type 1 Diabetes

Graves disease:

Wilson’s Disease:

Low Copper Diet For Wilson’s Disease



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