Video update 7/7/19   Jim told me I should be getting better by now. And said he was concerned I had a C677T MTHFR mutation, which it turned out that I did. So we got more aggressive with heavy metals & microbes.
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It was a huge blessing in my life to have crossed paths with Jim in a facebook group. I was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma early last yr. After 5 opinions from conventional doctors, I made the huge decision to go against their suggestion of immediate chemotherapy as my only option and journey into the world of self-healing. At that point, my doctors told me, if this was my decision, it was time for me to move on. It cannot get scarier than that! A soft tissue abdominal cancer diagnosis in with metastasis to my lungs. Now what? Where do I start? Who do I talk to? I began heavy Internet research but there is so much conflicting info online. What can you trust as being correct? This is where Jim stepped in. Right from the beginning. He offered me suggestions, he gave me advice, he did research for me, he messaged me to check in and see how I was feeling, he had me call him if I had anything pressing going on. He was always available. Most importantly, by knowing Jim is in my corner, I didn’t have to feel alone or scared. The journey to self-healing doesn’t have to be scary. The body is designed to heal itself given the opportunity. We just have to know what it needs. Jim has a vast amount of knowledge that he is so generously willing to share with others in need. He has never asked for anything in return. Ever. I can see his joy in helping people heal. I feel beyond grateful to have met Jim when I did, and am happy to call him my friend.
Melissa Garcia    3/24/18

Thank you  Jim Schoellen for your help and advice on my mum’s cancer it has truly helped her fight this naturally.  Vicki Marsh      5/10/17

I found Jim online a few years ago and I am thankful that I did. It was a time that nothing was helping my relative with her health condition.  As a chiropractor and a functional medicine practitioner, I was not able to figure it out by myself and other health specialists nearby. Everywhere I contacted or went for a consult nothing less than $400 for just talking to you. Never mind that they had nothing to offer.  Here Jim took my first call and all my calls thereafter free of charge, spend all the time that I needed to get answers including FULL information and research to help me get through and not feel hopeless. Thank you for your complete PASSION and CARE about people. I am grateful to know you and thank you for being who you are.
Jacklin Meshkanian, D.C. 

Meshkanian Chiropractic Corporation

I met Jim in the spring of 2016, when we took a class together — The Institute of Nutritional Leadership — taught by Dr. Axe. We have a private group in which we could all ask questions pertaining to health and wellness with many other members that had taken this class and, I must say, I truly believe Jim is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to alternative health care. What he has learned throughout the years is absolutely amazing. I feel like I could ask him anything and he would know exactly how I should go about my own health issues or he would point me in the right direction. He is just a wealth of helpful and wise information. I adore him and I feel so extremely blessed to have him as my colleague, mentor and especially my friend. I truly believe that he makes the perfect Wellness Coach for anyone that is interested in taking control of their own personal health issues.
Adele Cossette

“Jim is a very compassionate and caring person who is well educated on alternative therapies for many health issues especially cancer.
Jim Schoellen helped me through stage 4 cancer.   He has spent countless hours assisting me in finding natural therapies to help prevent a recurrence.
My experience he is willing to share his information with anyone in need.  Jim also never asked me for a dime, although I did make a donation to his website.
My oncologist said to me “whatever you’re doing to keep these cancer numbers at bay keep doing it”.  I believe it is the natural therapies that are allowing me to be healthy.
Jim Schoellen has been instrumental to me in my healing process.  He gives selflessly of his time and talent to so many.  Thank you Jim!”         3/14/ 18                        Barb Smith

I am profoundly grateful to Jim for many things but in effect, taking on the role of mentor in my approach to eradicate colon cancer from my life. I spent months researching holistic methods and weeding through all the information available. I had no knowledge or history of alternative medicine except trying to eat well over the years.
It all came home to me when both a surgeon and an oncologist told me I had little chance of survival unless I followed them to the “altar”. That is exactly how it felt, like a lamb being taken out for slaughter. I had only days to make up my mind but there was little choice for me. I was either to live with a colostomy bag on my side and a chemo pump strapped wherever they put that or find another way. I decided I’d rather live, if I could, through other methods.
These doctors called daily with scare tactics until finally giving up on me.
I had chosen three or four protocols that seemed to have merit and at the same time eliminated most everything from my diet that I had routinely eaten. No animal products, no dairy, no refined carbs or wheat products, and NO SUGAR. I started juicing carrots and eating greens, adding supplements as my research progressed. At this point, I began to feel pretty good energy-wise, but my symptoms had not changed after a few months. I stumbled upon Jim’s web page and began to read. I then contacted him and he responded immediately. Since we have talked over the phone often and he has added structure to a sort of random approach I was taking. He has suggested supplements and methods I had not heard of, and given me instruction concerning what to take and when.
I have known Jim for about a month at this writing and can say without hesitation, that my symptoms have improved dramatically and my overall mindset continues to improve concerning having my “head in the game”, at all times. I find this to be the most important part of any protocol. You need to believe in what you are doing. While I am only a few months into this life-changing “event”, I am now certain I will beat this thing and come out the other side with my health intact and a new friend. Jim has been selfless and diligent in researching my condition, sending me great information and above all, supporting my mindset when dark hopeless days appeared as they always will.
I hope in a few months time to update this rant, (my apologies for the length) , but is the only way right now to thank this kind man for his help. Cheers, Jim Nassetta

Time: October 31, 2017 at 2:16 pm

“I met Jim at my place of employment, the Living Foods Institute, as he was a student taking the class. Once I saw him helping some of the students with his vast knowledge and doing things such as monitoring PH levels and blood pressure, I decided to confide in him about my health issues which I have struggled with for 5 years. The weeks following, he ALWAYS made time for me and provided many alternatives when one didn’t work for any given issue. He drove several miles on a few occasions to make sure I had what I needed when I needed it. He backed all his recommendations with viable information and research. He also provided me the needed emotional support and patience I needed and was always open to tailoring his recommendations so they fit the pace and approach that felt comfortable for me.”
Kristin Kollinger

 I’m fortunate to have Jim as my neighbor. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the subject of alternative medicine. He helped me a great deal with the adrenal fatigue problems that I’ve been dealing with for years among other things. Jim is also a great all around guy that is always willing to help. -Willie Lithgow

My friend, Jim Schoellen, has been VERY helpful in my fight against cancer! He is very knowledgeable in health and nutrition! I would like to encourage all of my friends to check out his website:
Stephanie Montgomery

Jim Schoellen has a lot of great protocols. I am doing most of it. (not topical dmso, not for cervical cancer.) I am under naturopath supervision and have paid lots of dollars to gain the knowledge that Jim has freely passed on here. And I am winning against cancer so it has been a good investment.  Mary-Jane Den Hollander

Y’ALL…bear with me….I absolutely have to give a great big plug for an amazing someone I just discovered thanks ANOTHER amazing someone. If you or someone you know is looking for great, clean, healthy recipes and information, PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out

Jim has a passion for helping others – especially in the area of healthy/holistic cancer research. But his expertise is vast (including areas other than cancer) and his level of compassion and kindness is second to none.

I took a shot in the dark and reached out to him to inquire about any good leads he may have heard of in regards to tinnitus. I really didn’t expect to hear back from him and if I DID get a reply, I expected it to be a canned, robo-reply. To my surprise (and delight), he replied within an hour with one of the most thoughtful responses filled with great links and other helpful information. As UNhelpful as most of the conventional doctors have been during this journey of mine, Wellness Jim was the complete opposite.

Sooooo….with that, I want to show my gratitude by sharing my praises for this guy. He jumpstarted his wellness blog about a year ago and I have no doubt he is going to do great things and help A LOT of people! Please check out his blog at and show him some love. People this awesome should NOT remain a secret! He is AWESOME and is such a valuable resource!

HUGE thanks to my good friend Mary Russo Sabat (Body Designs by Mary) for sharing his information with me. Mary is no doubt my guardian angel on earth and has also been one of my biggest sources of support on this journey – she IS a Registered Dietitian after all, so just like Wellness Jim, she knows her stuff!

Ultimately, it’s always coming back to “who you know”. I’m so happy to have these people in my “village”. And if your village has room for them, I can assure you they would be the PERFECT addition to your camp.

Thanks for letting me share! I hope in some way it will help you or someone you love. Elaine Patankar

I met Jim at a INL (Institute of Nutritional Leadership) class that we both attended. He helped me with some bread making skills that I lacked. But he is amazing when it comes to helping people with a natural approach. You can easily see that it is totally his passion. Always willing and available with timely answers. Thanks, Jim for all you do.
Connie Ortiz, Health Coach

Jim has a vast knowledge on health and wellness. I’ve made several of his easy organic recipes. Each dish is easy to make, quite tasty and healthy too. Jim can help you with a healthy meal plan as well as an exercise plan, all designed just for you. Let Jim help you live a healthier life, no matter what your age.
Sandra Benedict, Shaman Practitioner

I’ve known Jim Schoellen for a few years now….I’ve watched and grown with his knowledge of health and wellness and I believe he would make an incredible coach…. A Wellness Coach! Stop in and check him out!
Lorna Corns Workman

As someone who has studied natural health with Jim through the Institute of Nutritional Leadership, I’ve witnessed just how passionate he is about health and wellness, and how willing and able he is to provide research and articles to those interested in a more natural approach.
Steve Feld