Plantar Fasciitis (instant relief)

WOW! Relief from plantar fasciitis! I had this years ago, got rid of it in a few weeks. Now at 67 it came back about a year ago
and I have been struggling ever since, as many people that get it do.  “Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common orthopedic complaints. Your plantar fascia ligaments experience a fair amount of wear and tear in your daily life. Normally, these ligaments act as shock absorbers, supporting the arch of the foot. Too much pressure on your feet can damage or tear the ligaments. The plantar fascia becomes inflamed, and the inflammation usually  causes heel pain and stiffness.” Now for a way to make it better in just 1-2 minutes a day!!

Thanks dr. Eric Berg for helping all of us that suffered with plantar fasciitis!–inflammation/the-instant-cure-for-plantar-fasciitis


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