Budwig diet protocol plus

This health-boosting protocol was developed by doctor Johanna Budwig — a German biochemist and author. Budwig was a pharmacist and held doctorate degrees in physics and chemistry. Backed by her research on fatty acids, she produced a diet that she believed was useful in treating cancer.


Also:  ALWAYS use organic everything whenever possible, always grind the flaxseed daily. Never buy pre-ground flaxseed. Organic turmeric, ground ginger & black pepper
are things I like stirring in. Also, Dr. Budwig also recommended taking 2 Tablespoons of
ground flaxseed mixed with 1 teaspoon of raw organic honey – then have a teaspoon of
that mixture throughout the day when you do your Budwig meal of the cottage cheese
and flaxseed oil. Also if you use kefir you may need more of it than cottage cheese because it usually has less protein than cottage cheese (so maybe 5-6 ounces of kefir
and 2 ounces of the flaxseed oil).
Note: at about the 35 sec. mark I pour in the flaxseed oil but call it flax
seed (instead of flaxseed oil). Also, this is meant to be a stand-alone meal. So don’t
eat 90 mins. before or after the Budwig meal. (2 full hours would be better) Also if using apricot kernels, it would be good to take them outside that time window also. Also, high dose vitamin C is NOT
recommended when doing the Budwig protocol.
If not using a commercial immersion blender like I was, go a full minute!
Note: Use organic quark or cottage cheese whenever possible! It works the best over kefir. If it is too thick, thin with organic skim or 1% milk rather than water.
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Things to consider with cancer:
THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!

Cancer is USUALLY preceded by an unexpected (unresolved) emotional shock. #1  So resolving emotional issues is very important as well as what needs to be done. #2 Also studies have shown that microbes/fungus plays a huge role. So means making sure we eat healthy organic foods (free of sugars & simple carbs) & clean filtered or spring drinking water so that we are NOT feeding cancer.   #3 Heavy metals can be a major player. Do you have toxic root canals or amalgam fillings or others like aluminum, mercury, cadmium, etc.(which can make for a perfect environment for parasites.) So consider doing a parasite cleanse.  #4 Exercise especially rebounding is GREAT for moving the lymphatic system.
#5 Most cancer patients are low in the following vitamins D3 & K2, as well as C plus the following minerals. Selenium, Iodine, magnesium, and zinc! #6 Take a big deep breath and slow down. Things do NOT happen overnight. Do NOT let fear control what you do. You are loved by your Creator, and with faith and hard work, you can beat this. If your body created a tumor your body can remove it.
Simple, inexpensive, & powerful



Along with another powerful protocol:


Best & Worse dairy:

Before mixing the CC & oil

After mixing the Organic CC & flax seed oil

After adding a cup or organic blueberries, freshly ground flax seeds
& adding some organic RAW honey

Lightly stirring together before eating

Consume the freshly made Budwig meal in 20 minutes, or less!
Special note on strong antioxidants:
According to Dr. Budwig, the reason for the anti-cancer activity is that flax oil (combined with quark or cottage cheese or quark) promotes bio-oxygenation and that antioxidants interfere with that process because they counteract the oxygen affinity of flax oil which is a basic requirement for this bio- or auto-oxygenation to take place.

See also Should I add Vitamin E to the flax oil to prevent it from going rancid/should I take Vitamin E along with flaxseed oil to prevent oxidation within the body? and Does flax oil (polyunsaturated fatty acids, PUFAs) create free radical damage.

Compare Megadoses of Vitamin C & Cancer incl. Note by Healing Cancer Naturally

Answer 2:
Cliff Beckwith, who kickstarted the interest in Budwig in the USA (although fully concentrating on the flax oil/cottage cheese component only) and who kept his “medium aggressive” prostate cancer under control for many years, reported in November 2006,
“On my 82nd birthday, about three years ago (Cliff turned 85 on January 5, 2007), my PSA was normal for a man my age. It was 6.7. It was then, totally unaware of the danger of heavy use of antioxidant supplements, that I began heavy use of ellagic acid and lycopene 5 months later. That canceled the value of the flax oil for nine months and that is not good with aggressive cancer.
I will not argue that the number of antioxidants in our natural food will probably not be a major problem with the protocol. But the way I was using it certainly has made a major contribution to my situation today.” Cliff Beckwith talked about his situation, the worsening of which he attributed to taking large amounts of antioxidants,

I also found this researching dr. Gonzalez protocol:

Flax Seed Oil (Phase Four)

Take two tablespoons per day of unrefined, fresh flaxseed oil for the first month of the Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program, and one tablespoon per day from the second month of the program to completion. (Formula F provides Essential Fatty Acids — Essential Fatty Acids must be provided in the diet, as the human body cannot make them.)

Johanna Budwig, a German researcher, did the lion’s share of the early work on flax oil and its therapeutic uses in the early 1950s. Blood samples from healthy and sick people were systematically analyzed, and the findings tabulated. According to her, blood samples from people with cancer, diabetes, and some kinds of liver disease consistently lacked Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). She claims that blood from people with other diseases did not show this severe deficiency and that healthy people’s blood always contained EFAs. If cancer is a deficiency disease brought on by lack of EFAs, she reasoned, a diet high in EFAs should alleviate at least some of the cancer patients’ problems.
SPECIAL UPDATE 3/14/18 ******************************************************


Watch from the 6 min mark till 6:30 on Budwig

Also besides trying to get 2 Budwig meals in a day look at juicing

Kim Hassard Cellect/Budwig protocol on “cancertutor.com” My father only did a small part of this protocol and kicked his 4th stage cancer that had metastasized to his bones in 6 weeks. Check out the website as there are over 200 protocols on it and they all work.

Pancreatic Cancer


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