Budwig diet protocol plus

This health boosting protocol was developed by doctor Johanna Budwig — a German biochemist and author. Budwig was a pharmacist and held doctorate degrees in physics and chemistry. Backed by her research on fatty acids, she produced a diet that she believed was useful in treating cancer.

Also:  ALWAYS use organic everything whenever possible, always grind the flaxseed daily. Never buy pre ground flax seed. Organic turmeric, ground ginger & blackpepper
are things I like stirring in. Also Dr. Budwig also recommended taking 2 Tablespoons of
ground flaxseed mixed with 1 teaspoon of raw organic honey – then have a teaspoon of
that mixture throughout the day when you do your budwig meal of the cottage cheese
and flaxseed oil. Also if you use kefir you may need more of it than cottage cheese because it usually has less protein than cottage cheese (so may be 5-6 ounces of kefir
and 2 ounces of the flaxseed oil).
Note: at about the 35 sec. mark I pour in the flaxseed oil but call it flax
seed (instead of flax seed oil). Also this is meant to be a stand alone meal. So don’t
eat 90 mins. before or after the budwig meal. Also if using apricot kernels, it would be good to take them outside that time window also. Also high dose vitamin C is NOT
recommended when doing the Budwig protocol.
Note: If using kefir for CANCER and it is too thick thin with organic milk rather than water.





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