Cancer Truth!

If you are like  people that enjoy doing your own research to see what is really going on join the club. I have been trying to find out the truth on cancer for going on 20 years.

I have a mother that had it, a sister that has had it twice, and my daughter!
I also saw friends waste away from this disease that I was close to. Seen my son suffer a loss of a close friend and former coworker die a sad and disabling death.

A lot of the medical failures became apparent to me as a paramedic. Doctors with so much pride they should have not be allowed inside a hospital, let alone work on patients.
So things did not make sense to me many years ago already. I know how important nutrition is for a healthy body, All the
things that were taught by our mothers grandmothers how and why to eat what we do.
But then when it come to cancer the oncologists say eat what you want it dosen’t make any difference. And feeding kids on cancer wards GMO jello with high fructose corn
syrup REALLY??  I thought hospitals were for making people better.
BUT common sense would tell those oncologists that when they do a P.E.T. scan (which is radioactive glucose)  injected into the body lights up all the areas that have cancer.
The reason is cancer cells have an affinity for sugar or (glucose) approximately
15 – 20 times greater than normal cells. So why are cookies, cakes, and sugar laden food all over those areas? Good question.

What I find funny is that people are willing to believe corruption exists in every arena, EXCEPT the medical field. People can NOT wrap their minds around anyone
(including big pharma dominated colleges teaching doctors) would do that!  Even though a huge profit system is built into the
oncologists practice based on chemo drugs prescribed!!
For more on this topic please see:
IMHO more people are being hurt by modern medicine of cancer than being helped.
Now for the man that has helped more people than anyone I know, please take the time to listen to the voice of reason.
CASE & POINT: *****************************************************************

And listen to Bharat Aggarwal from M.D. Anderson please listen to 13 min.
mark till 28 min. mark


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