Alzheimer’s Drug Free

Now that this new study has also found that people with depression are twice
as likely to develop certain forms of dementia, it highlights the fact that there
could be a common cause, and that could very well be a lack of vitamin D.

Making sure you’re getting enough sunlight exposure to have healthy vitamin
D level is a crucial factor in treating depression or keeping it at bay. One previous   study found that people with the lowest vitamin D were
11 times more prone to be depressed than those who had normal levels. Vitamin D deficiency is actually more the norm than the exception and has previously been
been implicated in both psychiatric and neurological disorders.   ( for the rest of this story please use this link below:)

More promising research on Ashwagandha for Alzheimer’s

The featured study is not the first time this humble herb has been implicated in improved brain health among Alzheimer’s disease patients. In 2005, researchers
found that withanolide derivatives (withanolide A, withanoside IV, and withanoside VI)
isolated from ashwagandha improved neurite extension
in both normal and damaged brain cells in Alzheimer’s disease model mice.3 This is a key component of treating the disease, as researchers pointed out:  1/3 way down the page.

UCLA STUDY:  treating Alzheimer’s naturally drug-free
NIR infrared light therapy:
Lyme misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s:

More drug-free options:

Magnesium L-threonate prevents & restores memory deficits


THC very definitively & effectively Alzheimer ‘s disease:





this video is a summary of the advice given above:

NAD supplementation:


Lion’s Maine:


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