WOW!! who knew? Well actually health benefits of the infrared heater have been documented, and they will continue to be in the foreseeable future as its use increases. No matter what is said the debate over the specific advantages of infrared heaters, there is much proof that they do deliver many health and cost savings benefits.
I personally use NIR infrared light therapy for pain, swelling, stiffness, and my low thyroid condition (which I was able to get off of my medication Synthroid).
I love the warm and relaxing feeling while using the lamp, plus I know I’m doing good for my body. But don’t just take my word for it please explore all the wonderful benefits that come with this great technology.
“Kristin Wallick Hickerson Sorry this is long. I have lung cancer, which could also be breast cancer as I had breast cancer 3 years ago. I remembered seeing a post in a breast cancer curing naturally kind of group, a woman had a tumor about the size of a really large egg. She used a red, heat lamp each day while she watched tv for about an hour. After a few weeks, her tumor was half the size it was originally. So when I got diagnosed with a tumor in my lung (2.53 cm) I decided to try it. Word of caution, when a tumor is shrinking/dying off it swells first. After using it for 5 days, I had already been scheduled for a pet scan. I had a lot of discomforts when I went for the scan. It measured 5.53 cm, doubling in size. After a few more days of the heat lamp, the discomfort went away and I found I wasn’t winded anymore when I walked up to the stairs. I’m continuing to use the lamp as well as the protocol my naturopath put me on. I will get scanned in a few months again at my 6-month mark. Hope this helps. “       WOW! 444% increase!
Wound healing:

Heat & cancer:

REVIEWS:  ******************************************************
NIR  Infrared Light Therapy For Thyroid, the Brain & more! ************  healing the brain
Boosting T levels:
Note: please read cautions about distance & eye protection!

Build DIY NIR infrared sauna for under $130

I personally would recommend this bulb:


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