Fasting For Cancer

Fastest Way to Winning the War against Cancer – Water Fast

Few of us are into fasting and even fewer of us appreciate the healing power of water. However, it behooves us to understand to have a reference point to what is possible if we really bring our will into play when attempting to heal ourselves from cancer.

To wrap one’s mind around a simple medical healing process like a water fast and how devastating that can be to cancer cells one has first confront one’s laziness with even the idea of not eating. When one goes on a water fast one slam a fist right into the gut of cancer by starving them of glucose so we have to be tough and apply our strength of will to our fasting. Will, by the way, is something of the heart. Whatever we love to do, we have plenty of will for.

Cancer cells differ from healthy cells in the way they create energy. In cancer cells, damaged mitochondria and low oxygen conditions force cells to use fermentation to get their energy meaning they are completely hooked on high levels of glucose. This glucose comes mainly from carbohydrates. If you starve your body of glucose, you effectively starve cancer cells to death.

Dr. Philipp Mergenthaler and Dr. Andreas Meisel showed that depriving a cell of glucose, while giving it plenty of oxygen at the same time, blocks glycolysis and therefore forces the cell to revive its mitochondria and use the Krebs cycle for energy or just die.  {To finish this great read by Dr. Sircus, please click on his link below}
Dr. Thomas Seyfried stated that if you did water-only fasting once a year for 7-
10 days, you would cut your risk of getting cancer by 99%. Dr. Seyfried is a
biochemical geneticist and professor of biology at Boston College.
• According to an animal study published in Ageing Research Reviews in 2016,
intermittent or periodic fasting was shown to have a profound impact on
counteracting disease processes and improving outcomes of disorders such as
diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers, allergies, asthma, Alzheimer’s, and
The science:

Study – Fasting for three days can regenerate entire immune system

Fasting-like diet turns the immune system against cancer

How to Fast for 3 Days (3 Day Fast Benefits)
Adding sole’ water for electrolytes:

How To Make Sole

I recommend spring water, if you use distilled for the purity make sure you add
Celtic sea or pink salt.
Possible modalities to naturally follow this:

Ultimate simple protocol for Stage IV cancer


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