Improving chemo’s odds

These simple changes may improve your chemo! “Dr. Weeks’ Comment: If you are going to accept chemotherapy, why not stack the cards in favor of more benefit and fewer side-effects?  This is the practice of potentiating chemotherapy by various means. Even something as simple as fasting can make your chemotherapy MORE effective!  We have known that for 5 years but…  alas, oncologists still encourage patients to have a full meal before getting treatment. Ask your doctors to consider potentiating your chemotherapy and show her or him the research!
     “…Fasting can actually make cancerous cells more susceptible to chemotherapy”  Starvation-dependent differential stress resistance protects normal but not cancer cells against high-dose chemotherapy.  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Jun 17;105(24):8215-20. Epub 2008 Mar 31.Raffaghello L,
IMHO most doctors are trained in schools that had millions of dollars donated by big pharma & have many people seating on the boards of these colleges deciding what & how money is going to be spent researching what benefits the pharmaceutical company.  For other things that will double your odds of a successful outcome would be to use, aloe arborescens in a honey & alcohol mixture. Here is the
results of that study:
One of the studies mentioned in this paper took 240 patients with “advanced cancer and poor clinical status” and split them up into two groups, one receiving chemotherapy alone and the other receiving chemotherapy with the aloe honey mixture. “… the percentages of complete responses (CR) and partial responses (PR) achieved in patients concomitantly treated with aloe were significantly higher than those who received chemotherapy alone (40/119 (34%) vs 23/121 (19%), p
This product can be used with chemo:


Click to access Danhof-White-Paper-Feb-2014.pdf

And this protocol will kill more cancer with less chemo damage!

Organic Sulfur / LIPH Protocol for Cancer

Oleander Extract: How This Traditional Turkish Remedy Fights Cancer & Other Disease

Antioxidants as precision weapons against chemotherapy-induced toxicity.

SPECIAL UPDATE  3/14/18  ******************************

Can I do the Budwig Protocol when on chemotherapy?

Budwig diet protocol plus


From Angel Howerton’s site!
Angel Howerton’s advice while on CHEMO & RADIATION:
For 90 % of you. You can safely take the supplements listed below
Keep body alkaline Drink lemon water and juice
Alpha Lapolic Acid
Milk Thistle
Turmeric (Curcumin)
Beta Glucan
Vit D
Co q10
Mushroom Complex
Whole food Vit C
Cell Food
Essential oils: Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, Cypress, Tangerine
One cup a day of Essiac tea
NAUSEA; Ginger, Peppermint tea Caraway seed, Homeopathic: Sodium Phos, Nux vomica, Ipecacuanha
Acupressure bracelets are great too
PAIN: Magnesium gel, Turmeric, MSM. Arnica, Peppermint oil
Frankincense oil
ANEMIA: Blackstrap molasses, Hemaplex, Ferrum Phos cell salts from Hylands, Beet Root
Insomnia: Valerian, Passion Flower, Hops, Skull cap, St John’s Wort, Calms Forte
ANXIETY: Rescue remedy, Calms forte by Hylands, Passion Flower, Lavender Oil,
CONSTIPATION: Liquid Cal/ Magnesium Citrate from the Health food store. Reflexology
MOUTH SORES: Coconut Oil and Baking soda
To keep from losing muscle mass and to keep from losing too much weight please take a good protein drink.
Vegan Sport or Alive Protein and Hemp Hearts are great too
Make sure to get enough fiber, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Psyllium Husk
Keep PH level up, Drink lemon water twice a day and juice
Prepare Emotionally
Get plenty of sleep
Stay Positive
Positive Affirmations
Light Message
Find a purpose
Gratitude Journal
Stay positive listen to relaxing music
Tai Chi
Eat Healthy stay away from all red meat and dairy
No Processed Food
Drink Plenty of Fresh Water
Gluten-Free Diet

JUICING “Carrots. Celery. Ginger. Garlic. Cilantro. Parsley. Bell pepper. Cucumber. Dandelion. Kale, Spinach. Peppers. Beet, Apple
“No more than 3 Juices a Day While doing chemo”
On your off weeks drink more juice and drink 2 cups Essiac Tea

Please after your therapy juice 8 glasses of juice daily and up your dose on MSM Silica, Selenium, And Drink 2 Cups Essiac tea a day and adjust your natural healing protocol so you will stay healthy and cancer-free. Remember cancer cannot survive in a body that has a high immune system…

“”Need to do a 21 Day Chemo or Radiation Detox””
2 Cups Essiac
BENTONITE Clay 1/2 tablespoon 2 x a day in water
Aloe 2 Oz a day
Oregano oil on the bottom of feet
Up dosage on Milk Thistle
Solgar liquid Vegan Omega’s
MSM up to 4000 mg
Rosemary Essential Oil
2 tsp of Black Strap Molasses
2 Activated Charcoal Capsule A Day

I am not a doctor, I just share what I have seen work and what I have researched and also what has worked for me. Please do your own research. There are so many amazing things we can take and do to help our bodies heal. I personally healed from Stage 4 MMMT Carcinosarcoma really close to being able to say I am a 6 Year cancer Free Thriver 😊 

Happy, Healing & Health
Love Holistic Angel

Metformin  / Fasting / exercising  for CANCER? YES!! ***************************

Berberine vs. Metformin:

Metformin Supplementation and Cancer Treatment

Click to access Metformin%20and%20cancer%20review.pdf

Aloe Arborescens Cancer Protocol

Fasting For Cancer


How to read oncologic FDG  PET/CT
ASHWAGANDHA & cancer    recommended by me
The power of Melatonin:

Powerful Melatonin

MSM & Cancer:

The Sulfur Study


For a complete list of science-based supplements that improve outcome please check out this list.

Click to access Fight-cancer-with-the-healing-power-of-diet-and-supplements.pdf

Click to access SimoneVitWithChemo.pdf
False claims made for profits!
Remember the doctor that is telling you we are going to do this because “I know best” was taught by someone trained in chemicals, and more than likely 20-30 years. ago. When modern science that looks at
the functional part of medicine realizes that we need to look at the underlying cause. Not the lump or the bump, you didn’t get cancer and get sick! You were sick and then got cancer.
For more on chemo please visit my blog page here:

Things you deserve to know about chemo



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