VIDEO: Organic Steak and Potatoes w/ Mushroom Ragu Recipe

This recipe is fairly easy to make and is VERY healthy. We’ve used this at multiple wedding rehearsal dinners. People who have attended culinary schools have said they have never had anything this good.

Video BELOW.

You will need
2  Tablespoons of olive oil (to start, maybe more)
1   cup of chopped yellow onions –  saute about 4 mins. then add
8   ounces of portobello mushrooms sliced –  saute about 4 mins. then salt and pepper then add
4  cloves of fresh garlic minced – saute about 1 min. then add
cups of organic chicken broth – cook about 15-20 mins. to reduce down to 1/2 volume – then add
4  ounces of Marsala or madeira wine – cook till reduced in volume by 1/2 then add
4  ounces of 1/2 and 1/2 or the same amount of heavy whipping cream (organic) then stir in
4  ounces of parmesan cheese ( I use  parmigiano-reggiano) season to taste  then add
2  large basil leaves chiffonade for garnish then ENJOY!


NOTE: The wine is optional, and would go in right before the cheese and cream (definitely improves the flavor).



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