Baking Soda & Cancer

A Brief  Look At The Link Between Fungus And Cancer
Written by Michael Smith

Few things are scarier than hearing the words, you have cancer. Regardless of how frightening those words are, it’s something that an estimated 1/3 to 1/2 of us will hear in our lifetime. With such staggering rates, and so much money and research poured into combatting the big C, you would think we would have rounded the curve towards reducing rates of cancer or even finding a cure. What is terrifying is that despite the millions of dollars spent every year on research, we seem to be no closer to knowing exactly what causes cancer, much less finding a cure for the disease.

As far as causes are concerned, cancer often epitomizes the phrase, etiology unknown. We simply do not know what causes the disease in most of the cases! Sure, some obvious culprits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol are known to contribute towards the disease’s incidence. Genetics are known to, contribute, as well, in at least some way. But by and large, it is not well understood why some people get cancer, and other do not.

As with all things labeled, “etiology unknown”, it may be wise to consider the role fungus may play in this disease. The fact remains that fungi and their mycotoxins are not well understood by mainstream medical science, so it is unsurprising that any doctor would balk at the idea. Despite this, published throughout medical literature are hints that fungus may play a very profound role in the incidence of cancer (For the rest of this great article by Michael Smith please click the link.)

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Baking Soda:

Click to access Baking%20Soda%20and%20Maple%20Syrup%20Cancer%20Treatment.pdf

Detox baths:…/why-oncologists-dont-like…/

Antifungals for cancer:

Massacring Cancer with Oxygen and Bicarbonates




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