Strict form lifting with Willie Lithgow

  • Many lifters are knocked out of the game due to lack of good form.                             Some injuries can keep  one out for months.
    Improper form can also keep you from reaching your full potential. My friend and
    neighbor is not only an B.S.N. but a talented lifter. Here are some great tips from Willie Lithgow. A side note Willie was on a warm up, and went on to do a  405 pounds for reps. But tends to run more in the 450-460 area!


  • Stuart Phillips, Ph.D., explains how to use resistance exercise and protein intake to build muscle
  • Phillips recommends a minimum of two strength training sessions a week, and building from there
  • If you don’t consume enough high-quality protein it can limit the amount of muscle that your body is able to produce
  • Older people have accelerated muscle loss and require greater protein intake to stimulate maximum muscle protein synthesis compared to younger people
  • Phillips believes 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is a starting point of protein intake for adults. The sweet spot is likely 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight
  • Whey, which is rich in leucine, in combination with exercise, represents a simple option for older adults looking to maintain and increase their muscle mass


  • It is rarely too late to start resistance training; you can build muscle mass after age 60, which is about when I started. In 2022, I set a new personal record in the leg press for 600 pounds, which I believe is even better than the 400-pound deadlift I did last year
  • Sarcopenia — age-related muscle loss — threatens a healthy lifespan. Skeletal muscle not only manages physical activity, but also plays a major role in metabolism, circulation and cognition
  • Skeletal muscle acts as endocrine organ secreting myokines and transcription factors into the bloodstream, thereby regulating the function of other organs. It also has immune regulatory properties
  • The loss of muscle mass with advancing age is thought to be a primary driver of insulin resistance in older adults. Declining muscle strength and reduced physical activity also contribute to metabolic dysfunction
  • Four key lifestyle strategies that have allowed me to get stronger with age are time-restricted eating in combination with a cyclical ketogenic diet, exercising while fasting and adding blood flow restriction (BFR) training to my strength training routine

Taurine for sleep, heart, cancer & much more!!


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