How to survive Sepsis

Sepsis is horrible plain and simple. My wife and I were visiting a close friend
who had flu-like symptoms but just did not look right to me. I advised her to go
the hospital. We left and four hours later we got a call that they were at the
hospital, so we went straight there. So she died about two hours later.

So as with most things, I started researching sepsis. Because my main focus is
helping treat cancer naturally, I came across a very effective modality used for
infection, pneumonia, strep throat, and 27 other illnesses that modern medicine
does NOT recognize! Why is that you ask? Well big pharma dictates what is
published with power, money, suppression of facts, and fake news articles.
For more on how this is done please watch this TED talks video:

Remember sepsis has a 28-55% mortality rate! BUT with inexpensive natural
the method, Vitamin C, B-1, and a steroid it is now about 1%!!
The FULL interview with doctor Dr. Paul Marik!!

I.V. C must be given if requested (otherwise they open them selves up to a lawsuit)

Heavy metals & sepsis:

Sepsis treatment with C is mentioned at the 43-minute mark!



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