Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

How I Lowered My Blood Pressure Naturally.
Starting bp 186/93 current bp 118/71 IMG_1621

If you have high blood pressure and don’t want to suffer the possible side effects of blood pressure drugs, like these listed on this government website:             https://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/007484.htm

then maybe I can help you do it yourself naturally. First I am NOT a doctor and not direct you to do anything specific! Make sure you do your own due diligence on the links! Also if your blood pressure is very high, you need to see a doctor. Some highly elevated bp can lead to CVD, kidney failure, or worse yet — a stroke. That being said, upfront, let’s get to the common things that most people know about but may have forgotten.

  • #1 smoking increases blood pressure, so quitting will lower it approximately 10 points
  • #2 excess weight increases blood pressure, so losing roughly just 10 lbs can lower your systolic blood pressure by 10 points.
  • #3 Cut back on caffeine — that can make a 5-10 point difference.
  • #4 Reduce stress — this can be a huge factor in elevated bp. Know your stressors, have an attitude of gratitude and schedule time for you in nature or a hobby or even deep breathing.
  • #5 Exercise is a must for having a good bp and can make a big difference in the diastolic pressure.
  • #6 Stop eating processed food and try a Mediterranean style diet.

In paramedic class, the instructor told us we might find somebody at the bottom of the steps. We need to figure out did they have a heart attack and fall down, or did they twist and break a hip and fall down… or did a doctor put them on a blood pressure medication and they fell down the steps. The instructor said that for someone that is over 50 years old, they can have a systolic pressure of 100+their age not to exceed 150 and a diastolic pressure up to 90 and be normal. The instructor said that is how things were for 15 years. Then the pharmaceutical companies decided they wanted to lower those numbers to like 120/80. The instructor went on to comment that falls related to blood pressure medication shot up. Too many elderly being used to a certain pressure now all of a sudden felt dizzy and fell. Some died — and many more have been seriously injured. These are the serious side effects you do not hear about.

So in the thinking of the doctors that are schooled by the pharmaceutical reps, they are doing you a favor and may add two more years to your life overall. Sounds good in theory, but if you die a year later at 55 due to a fall, I don’t really think that possible two years longer at 76  matter now. While on this same subject, our protocol when responding to someone with a possible stroke, prepare two large-bore I.V.’s and have TPA (clot-buster drug) ready. Cost $2,000.00 for the drug, plus anytime you insert 2- 16 gauge or larger i.v.’s you are doing an invasive measure! Two to three paragraphs lower on the same page, it read in a major university study the same results were achieved with a 325 mg.aspirin  tablet! It took 10 (count them) 10 years before paramedics gave aspirin as standard protocol in a CVA or heart attack event! Money somehow seems to win out.

So if you plan on trying this on your own, you will need a bp cuff. You can usually get a really good one for about $35. Make sure you wait at least an hour after eating or before you eat to get a more accurate reading and sit at least three full minutes or more before you take a reading. If you’re over 55, take a full 5 minutes. Try and do one in the a.m. and write it down and again in the evening and write it down. After two-three days you have a good baseline of what your pressure actually is.

Now what I did that made it fall rather quickly after much research, was to take:

  • two grape seed extract capsules  (100 mg.) 1 in the a.m. & 1 in the p.m. with meals
  • 1 olive leaf extract capsule  (500) mg. with breakfast.
  • 1 magnesium capsule  Triple magnesium complex (400 mg) a.m. [Swanson brand]
    * If it blood pressure has not dropped enough after 3-4 days add the following
  • a handful of walnuts or pistachio nuts
  • juiced 3-4 stalks of organic or well-washed celery
  • a beet, or beet powder mixed in water or your morning juice.

Vitamin D is very important for all health issues, so if you don’t know what your D level is, I would recommend getting a 25 hydroxy D done by your doctor for optimal health whether or not you have high blood pressure. In the afternoon (if your pressure isn’t falling as fast as you think it should after a few days), you can think about adding  @ least 2,000 i.u. of vitamin D and at least 4 oz. of POM or a pomegranate full of seeds in a Nutri-bullet. Add 1-2 capsules of L-arginine and get your daily walk and fresh air in. Also, ditch regular table salt and switch to pink Himalayan salt!! And here is why. Hypertension is usually caused by 2 main reasons a mineral shortage or deficiency, and or too much cortisol. So getting away from sugar and processed food will lower cortisol levels. And pink Himalayan or high-quality sea salt will give you some of those minerals!


Are You Scared of Salt?

Following this protocol as closely as possible could provide a 20-30 point reduction in the systolic blood pressure and 10-15 points in the diastolic pressure within days to maybe a week or so. The reason it is so important to check your pressure regularly is these natural protocols could lower your blood pressure faster than drugs, so you still could have dizziness issues. Let me say here I am NOT a doctor, and cannot say you will have the same results that I — and other people I have helped — have experienced.

I will post links for these supplements and some on blood pressure cuffs and why vitamin D is so important to your overall health.

Why vitamin D is so important: 

Celery for lowering blood pressure:

Beets and beetroot powder for lowering blood pressure:

OLE  for lowering blood pressure:  

GSE for lowering blood pressure:

L-arginine for lowering blood pressure:

Magnesium for lowering blood pressure:

Pomegranates for lowering blood pressure:

Walnuts and pistachios for lowering blood pressure: & CoQ10


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